Who we are

  • REACTOR is an innovation hub focused on the corporate world, specially in the industry’s innovation and digital transformation, as well as in the startup world, on the creation and support of new ventures.

  • By blending makers, leaders, managers, creatives, techies, thinkers, enablers and investors, REACTOR is a perfect set to explore, test and create new products and services to compete worldwide, design new ways to engage customers and streamline effective operations.

  • João Meneses

    Reactor PMO

  • Sílvia Duarte

    Reactor Project Manager

  • Eduarda Pinto

    Diretora Geral @ Lionesa

  • Alexandre Teixeira dos Santos

    Head of Portfolio Development @BrightPixel

REACTOR is a place to build, grow and make change happen.

What we do

  • At REACTOR, companies, startups and entrepreneurs find solutions for collaboration, experimentation and acceleration of their businesses or business ideas, agile consultancy packages, access to investors, mentors and worldwide networks, and, above all, an atmosphere prone to help them developing their ideas and products, or overcoming their problems and challenges, in order to compete worldwide with products and services based on knowledge and innovation.


  • Ok, we support companies in disruptive innovation bringing new stuff to life, by helping them understanding future scenarios, generating new ideas, designing new business models, products and services, testing and launching them, and adopting all the processes they need to be competitive in a fast-changing world.

  • But we also support companies in incremental innovation, either by helping them improving their current portfolio of products and services, finding new ways to engage their customers, or by exploring new markets, streamlining their operations and growing beyond their current markets.

    We’re passionate about the manufacturing world. Believers in open innovation, corporate accelerators and the power of industry 4.0.

    And last but not the least, we also keep an eye on entrepreneurs and the startup world.


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Rua Lionesa, Leça do Balio, 4465-671, Porto, Portugal

GPS: 41.215335, -8.623986

I'm a company


We are living in a complex era. Businesses are facing a volatile and uncertain reality where companies need not only to defend and to secure its business but also to get ready for what’s next, to disrupt and to become even more relevant in the market.

REACTOR empowers companies to lead the future by understanding what is the digital transformation, how it will impact each industry and what opportunities it unfolds.

The Future is not only about technology and systems it mostly about People.

Tourism, health, Education, , Mobility, Consumer Experience, Big Data, AI, IoT

What excites us?

Tourism, health, education,Mobility, Consumer Experience, Big Data, AI, IoT

Hey ho, let´s go!

We’re also here to help people to have bigger dreams, ambitions and thoughts, to imagine, build, innovate the world of tomorrow. At REACTOR you can find things like:

  • Digital/tech workshops

    4 to 12 weeks labs, on saturdays or during the week at the end of the day, to explore coding, the digital, eletronics and robotics

  • Labs & Camps

    2 to 10 days labs on digital wonder and learning, for students aged 6 to 16, during holidays

  • R-ACK

    A 24-hour marathon of pure creative energy, where designers, developers and marketing specialists work together to find digital solutions for specific challenges

  • Corporate bootcamps

    3 to 5 days full immersion workshops designed for companies, allowing them to experimence digital tools, learn new skills, get fresh inspirations and bring innovation to their businesses. We also analyze with you and identify the best practices in customer experience management. We look at both established brands and startups and then we invite you to join us for a immersion brainstorming.

  • Short courses

    Get technical skills on the edge of the future in digital marketing, coding, product design, growth hacking and many more

I'm an entrepreneur

The Future is being created by the unexpected ones.

REACTOR challenges entrepreneurs and empowers startups to define the future.

We empower teams of entrepreneurs and emerging startups, helping them conquer the world. At REACTOR you find acceleration programs, labs, incubation areas and technical and financial support. Everything 24/365.

It all starts with an ideation program, through which we analyze the future and ideate or validate new business ideas. After being confident about your idea, meaning there’s a problem-solution fit, you go through a program to build and test your business model. After this stage, you’ll only go forward if there’s clear evidence of product-market fit. Finally, we go with you through a growth program that can last up to one year. In the end, if we do it all together, we team for one and a half year. Take the leap with us. Find us at Lionesa and beyond.

Understand the future, Ideate, Design scalable business models, Build and prototype, Test, Improve, Launch, Scale up, Meet companies, Meet people, Have fun